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voting. more people are throwing their support behind mitt romney. tara mergener joins us live to explain what that means for the other republican hopefuls. good morning. >> good morning. mitt romney is getting more support now from the gop, but so far, his republican rivals are determined to stay in the race. first, former first lady barbara. >> mitt is the best man to lead the country. >> then a boost from jeb. >> he said, "mitt, i want to let you know i'm endorsing you today." >> today mitt romney expects the endorsement of former president george h.w. bush. >> if there's ever a part of the republican establishment that still exists, it's the bush family. >> on wednesday, romney also got the backing of senator marco rubio, signs the gop is starting to coalesce. but as republicans line up behind a front-runner, the obama camp is taking aim at romney and his closest rivals. >> one thing that can bring this momentum to a screeching halt is turning over the keys of the white house to santorum or romney. >> rick santorum is campaigning in wisconsin ahead of next week's primary. >> we've got
hopefuls are going back to a childhood drawing board for inspiration, criticizing mitt romney as an ever-shifting candidate. >> they're looking for someone who is not an etch-a-sketch candidate, but an etched-in- stone candidate. >> you can't have a child's toy pick presidents. >> the ready-made photo op comes after a romney adviser said everything changes for the fall campaign, like an etch-a- sketch that can be shaken up to start all over again. romney explained it like this on wednesday. >> i'll be running as a conservative republican nominee -- or excuse me, hopefully nominated for president that the policies and positions are decided. >> romney made no public appearances thursday as he focused on private meets in washington. his rivals didn't let up. rick santorum seemed to imply president obama will be better than romney. >> instead of taking a risk in what may be the etch-a-sketch candidate for the future. >> mitt romney responded in a statement -- "i was disappointed to hear that rick santorum would rather have barack obama as president than a republican." the candidate bickering
in a one day of voting. >> mitt romney has the edge heading into super tuesday. there are so many delegates at stake. all the delegates stand to gain. after adding two primaries and one straw poll to his tally this week, gop front-runner mitt romney is trying to keep up his winning streak. >> i do not need a lot. i just need you to go out and vote. i want to make sure we win. >> a whopping 419 delegates are at stake super tuesday and the candidates are focusing on states where they stand to benefit most. >> there'll be lots of surprises on super tuesday. >> like romney, rick santorum is zeroing in on ohio, considered a crown jewel on the path to the white house. >> we need somebody who can stand against barack obama and make a clear contrast. >> once again, the battle is spilling onto the airwaves. newt gingrich, whose fate may rest on a victory in his home state of georgia, is being targeted by a romney super pac. >> president reagan is clearing failing. >> gingrich is expected to launch an attack of his own, with an anti-santorum robocall challenging his conservative record. and ron paul
romney and rick santorum came to illinois with one common message -- help wanted. >> i need your help. i want to make sure i can become our nominee. >> help me get elected, carry the state of illinois. >> after that point, the two republican presidential candidates focused on their differences. romney touts his business experience and says the economy is top priority. santorum argues he's focused on issues like the president's health care plan and freedom. though the way he said it created some buzz monday. >> i don't care what the unemployment rate is going to be. it doesn't matter to me. my campaign doesn't hinge on unemployment rates. >> i do care about the unemployment rate. it does bother me. i want to get people back to work. >> santorum later clarified his words. >> of course i care about the unemployment rate. i want the unemployment rate to go down. >> santorum says an illinois win would change the election. polls show an uphill battle. an american research group poll put romney 14 points ahead of rick santorum, while newt gingrich and ron paul largely sit out the state. and rom
for mitt romney as the candidates prepare for tomorrow's primary in illinois. tracie potts has more on the odd twist that affects the delegate race. >> illinois is the next big prize, president obama's home state. tomorrow's republican primary will decide most of the state's 69 delegates. >> if we're able to come out of illinois with a huge or surprise win, i guarantee you -- i guarantee you that we will win this nomination. >> it is an uphill battle for santorum. he's not on the ballot in all illinois districts. plus, mitt romney's got a clear lead in the latest poll, by as much as nine points. plus romney's coming in with momentum. he won the puerto rico's 20 delegates sunday. >> those people who don't think that latinos will vote for a republican need to take a look in puerto rico. >> democrats question whether romney can seal the deal. >> every time it looks like mr. romney has some momentum, he gets set back. he hasn't been able to make the sale to his own party. >> republicans leaders say it is early in the game. >> we're only at halftime. i think that this process is going to
are next. >> mitt romney wins bill illinois. illinois. a look at how did he it. >> good morning. welcome back to 11 news today. i'm stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. thanks so much for joining us. tony, another warm spring day on tap? >> i think so. we're going to sneak into the low 70's this afternoon. the average high is 55. this morning, we had low clouds, fog, and drizzle to start the day. we're going to get to sunshine to break through later this afternoon. maybe a shower popping up in some areas later this afternoon, but most you will have a dry day with a high temperature near 72 degrees. when we come back, we'll check the forecast going through the weekend. >> thank you, tony. as city officials wrestle with ways to cut a shrinking budget, it looks like some firefighter jobs are on the chopping block. >> jennifer franciotti has details. >> good morning. later today, in a spending board meeting, officials will find out the good, the bad, and the ugly of this entire budget. on the good side, it doesn't include any new taxes or fees for city residents or visitors to the city. it
. this is a potentially pivotal moment in this race. it may provide a clue as to whether anybody can stop mitt romney. super tuesday's deciding race may be ohio. mitt romney -- >> government keeps on raising your taxes. they blame the other party. >> and rick santorum running neck and neck. >> this is a tough state for us. we have a money disadvantage. we have a great grassroots campaign. >> ohio has a large number of delegates and could play a key role in deciding which republican gets the nomination. voters in 10 states will go to the polls. mitt romney got a boost with an endorsement from the house majority leader. >> mitt romney is the only candidate who has put forward a bold plan for the future. >> newt gingrich is counting on a victory in his home state of georgia. >> you lose all credibility if the folks who know you best repudiate you. >> ron paul needs a break. -- needs a break through. >> in alaska there's a chance we will come out with a majority of the delegates. >> mitt romney is getting help from barbara bush. she is setting up robocalls on his behalf in ohio and vermont. tara mergener
romney's claim that he needs an impossible number of delegates to take the lead. >> it is pretty sad when all you have is to do math instead of trying to go out there and win it on substance and win it on what americans want to hear about it. >> what happened in alabama and mississippi? >> despite defeats in the south, romney remains the front- with 18 victories so far compared to santorum's 10. >> mitt romney still is the guy with the most votes, the most states won, the most delegates, the most money, the biggest organization, the most endorsements. >> though newt gingrich's lackluster performance has some republicans calling on him to quit and rally behind santorum, he promises to press on. >> and i look forward to getting to tampa with your help, and i appreciate you being here. >> ron paul is in missouri, which holds its caucuses on saturday. >> he said that romney thinks it is impossible for rick santorum to catch up. >> if you look at the delegate count, mitt romney has 495 delegates. he would need half of the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination. rick santorum has 252 dele
-- >> it is great to be here in alabama. thank you! >> mail, and media. >> mitt romney -- >> rick santorum. >> as front-runner mitt romney urges voters to speed him toward the nomination -- >> hi, there. how are you this morning? >> his wife is on the campaign trail trying to give him a boost. >> i think it's really time for us all to coalesce and recognize that the battle now is against obama. >> a surprise win in either state would be a breakthrough for romney, easing doubts about his chances of rallying conservative support. two new polls show romney in a statistical tie with newt gingrich, with a lead in both states. this may be a make or break round for the former speaker, who's banking on southern support to keep his campaign alive. >> and let the american people choose between $10 a gallon and $2.50 a gallon, and i think it will make for a very clear race. >> but rick santorum is also aiming for the knockout blow to prove conservatives are on his side. >> i'm very competitive. but i think we've got the best -- making sure we get a conservative nominee in the fall. >> and ron paul is
romney scored the biggest prize of the night. tara mergener joins us from our washington bureau this morning. good morning. >> good morning. as expected, it was a fight to the finish for the gop front- runners. that carries in ohio was close -- that key race in ohio was close. >> and i'm not going to let you down. i'm going to get this nomination. [cheers] >> a super tuesday for mitt romney, who after a fight to the finish with rick santorum, squeaked out a win in ohio, the day's biggest prize. >> tonight we're doing some counting. we're counting up the delegates for the convention and it looks good. >> romney was also victorious in five other states -- vermont, virginia, idaho, alaska, and his home state of massachusetts. >> thank you. >> on the busiest campaign day yet, santorum earned bragging rights in some of the most republican states in the country -- oklahoma, tennessee, and north dakota, raising fresh doubts about romney's ability to rally the conservative vote. >> we have won in the west, the midwest, in the south, and we're ready to win across this country. [cheers] >
mergener joins us live with the report. good morning to you. >> good morning. mitt romney was hoping these races would help propellent toward the nomination. he was upstaged by rick santorum instead. >> we did it again. [cheers] >> rick santorum sweeps primaries in alabama and mississippi. >> people have said, you know you're being outspent and everybody is talking about all the math and all the things, that this race is inevitable. >> boosting his claim as the conservative alternative. gingrich, who was banking on an all-southern strategy, is resisting pressure from the santorum camp to bow out, and downplayed his loss as a bigger problem for mitt romney. >> one of the things tonight proved is that the elite media's effort to convince the nation that mitt romney is inevitable just collapsed. >> we've got work to do. >> romney did not speak to supporters after the results, but earlier in the day said his prospects were better than santorum's to clinch the nomination. >> he is far behind in the delegate count. he's far behind in the popular- vote count. if you look at the math and how
in this report. >> mitt romney, rick santorum, and newt gingrich. these guys have a fundamentally different economic philosophy then we do. >> a one-two-three punch in his first campaign event. vice president biden told auto workers in ohio republicans would let their bosses and employees go bankrupt. >> if you give any one of these guys the keys to the white house, they will bankrupt the middle class again. >> joe biden is doing what vice-presidential candidates often do, which is calling the other side out on issue differences. [cheers] >> in maryland, president obama focused on energy and promises from his republican rivals of cheaper gas. >> they start acting like we've got a magic wand and we will give you cheap gas forever if you just elect us. they dismiss wind power. they dismiss solar power. they make jokes about biofuels. they were against raising fuel standards. i guess they like gas guzzlers. >> newt gingrich, who's promised $2.50 gas, took aim at the president's claims of more drilling since he's been in office. >> this is utter intellectual nonsense. if he wants to represent s
should nominate a conservative to as a chance to go head-to-head with governor romney. >> losses on tuesday could mean the end for newt gingrich. could helpmitt romney woul bring the nominating contest to a close. >> that is the reason we'll get rid of him in 2012. >> ron paul is advertising in hawaii. he plans to cut 1 trillion dollars from the federal budget. he has yet to win the popular vote in any state. >> everybody is still in the race. >> there was a forum and that should drop national attention. >> how did the primaries come to take on such an important role this time around? >> there are not usually so vital in this process. the fierce battle over the conservative a vote. both states moved up their primary date. that boosted their clout. we have 90 delegates at stake tomorrow. >> tara mergener, thank you. corrections officials are asking for your help in tracking down an offender that left his home. he is serving to this year's home detention from his residence on charges of distribution of drugs. his last known whereabouts -- where he had been serving his sentence. he
of the race. >> mitt romney walked away with more than half of the super tuesday delegates. he says it is time for his opponents to stand down. >> it was hardly a knockout win, but after victories in six of 10 super tuesday conference, including ohio, mitt romney says the writing is on the wall. >> we have the time and resources in the plan to get all of the delegates, and we think that will get done before the convention. >> they are now focusing on upcoming races, and the political maneuvering is intense. >> i feel very good about last night. >> following three victories in predominantly republican states and a near miss in ohio, rick santorum is asking newt gingrich to step down. i am for everybody getting out. i wish president obama which is handy the thing. -- would just handed me the thing. >> we are staying in this race, because i believe it will be impossible for a moderate to win general election. [applause] >> ron paul is still hanging on. his campaign wants to hang on to enough delegates for his ideas to be included in the platform. >> the time now is 6:08. another bank looking to t
tuesday, with elections in wisconsin, maryland, and the district of columbia. >> and mitt romney is on a roll. in d.c., the former massachusetts governor is expected to coast to victory in tuesday's primary. >> thank you for welcoming me here. >> in maryland, polls show a double-digit lead over rick santorum, but the day's biggest prize, wisconsin. >> we're going to be working hard here in wisconsin. >> shaping up to be santorum's last chance to stop romney, who leads here, too. >> thank you all very much for coming. >> and on the heels formal endorsements from the bush family -- >> barbara and i are very proud to fully and enthusiastically endorse and support our old friend, mitt romney. >> another high-profile republican endorsement is set for today, from wisconsin representative, paul ryan. >> and newt gingrich and ron paul are still on the campaign trail, both making stops in wisconsin. in washington, i'm tara mergener, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you, tara. meanwhile, in the maryland general assembly, the house of delegates has gin preliminary approval to legislation clearing
trail made an unusual stop through maryland. g.o.p. presidential candidate mitt romney paid a call to the american legion post wednesday to hold a town hall meeting with maryland voters. answering questions, romney cited his private sector experience as key to getting the economy back on track. >> freedom of individuals to pursue their dreams, the dream and imagine that they might start a business or get a degree and then take that and lead their career in a direction that lists their family or stretch a business and they're able to hire other people. >> maryland's primary is april 3 with 37 delegates at stake. baltimore city residents lashed out at the city council, claiming they had been grossly overcharged on their water bills. 11 news reporter jennifer franciotti is live at city hall with more on what the city plans to do with that problem. jen? >> good morning. the city knows it too. they actually admitted to overbilling thousands of customers on their water bill. one woman came forward and said her water bill was over $500, something she simply can't afford to pay. and it was
. mitt romney is leading the latest alabama poll and just got an endorsement from mississippi's governor. asked why, the governor says because romney can win. from washington, i'm tracie potts, wbal-tv 11 news. >> good morning once again, sarah caldwell with a look at your morning commute. let's see what's going on out there. the unaccident we've been tracking all morning is in edgewater, 214, central avenue closed at loch haven road due to a vehicle into a pole there. be extra careful. detours are necessity fect. 295 looks pretty good, 49 miles per hour, traveling down from the airport vicinity toward the capital beltway, moving well on 95 as well, coming down toward 32. both the north and west side checking out ok. we're not seeing much in the way of volume-related delays yet. you can see a little yellow there on the west side right around i-70. let's give you a live view of traffic and see what's going on at security. you can see going away from us is outer loop traffic, and that's where things start to get heaviest. we'll switch over to a live view of traffic in the area of the j.f.x
. the prize -- >> ohio, we could have a good day tomorrow. >> ohio, where polls now show mitt romney -- >> you have a big say as to who our nominee is going to be. >> gaining on rick santorum. no republican has even gone on to be president without winning the buckeye state first. >> we are here for a reason. because on experience, on principle, on values, on energy, and enthusiasm, and grit. >> we need to have a president who understands the economy if we're going to fix the economy. >> confident about his prospects in the south including in his home state of georgia, newt gingrich is looking for a campaign revival. and ron paul is hoping alaska gives him his first victory of the campaign. 1/3 of the delegates needed to win the nomination are awarded on super tuesday. >> thank you. this is not the biggest super tuesday ever. there were nearly two dozens contests back in 2008. >> an accident that what city police are calling the death of a girl, monae turnage. two boys are charged in connection with the case. kim dacey has more on the story. >> monae turnage's body was found under trash bags in
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